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Bel-Art EcoTensil Disposable Paper Sampling Spoon; 10ml (Ecomomy Pack of 100)
Brand: Bel-Art_Special Deal Model: MA_H36740-1030_EP
This paperboard product stores flat and easily folds into a functional spoon for sampling and retrieving materials in the laboratory. Coated to stand up to powders, gels, and semi-solids Use 50% - 90% less material and space than the same amount of plastic spoons Compostable (ASTM D6868) and recycla..
INNOTEG VAP Smart Rotary Evaporator System Package
Brand: INNOTEG_Special Deal Model: 0010005604_EP
Rotary Evaporator, Vap Smart (Package)Temperature Range: RT to +180 °C, 4LThe INNOTEG Vap Series is designed for standard distillation, crystallization, concentration, powder drying and separation of one or more solvents. It can also be used for pretreatment of samples before gas chromatography..
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