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Bottles, Jars & Vials (Plastics)

Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_2SLWM
2-Color Wash Bottles (Safety-Labeled & Wide-Mouth)Informative Labeling! Available in 16oz or 32oz!Bel-Art’s Safety Labeled wash bottles include Department of Transportation (DOT) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and symbols, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, protective..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_2SVSLWM
2-Color Wash Bottles (Safety-Vented, Safety-Labeled & Wide-Mouth)Wide-Mouth; Eliminates Dangerous DripsA unique, 2-piece valve prevents pressure build-up of solvents within these Right-to-Know Safety-Labeled Wash Bottles. Volatiles are vented eliminating solvent drips. They are pre-printed with ..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_4RtKSLWM
4 Color Wash Bottles (Right-to-Know, Safety-Labeled & Wide Mouth)Right-to-Know Safety-Labeled Wash Bottles feature a wide mouth 53mm (2") for easy refilling. Bottles are pre-printed with the Chemical name and formula, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Section 704 Four-color Diamond..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_4RtKSVSLWM
4 Color Wash Bottles (Right-to-Know, Safety-Vented, Safety-Labeled & Wide Mouth)A unique valve prevents pressure build-up eliminating potentially dangerous chemical drips. They are pre-printed with the Chemical name and formula, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Section 704 Four-co..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_NarrowMouth
Narrow-Mouth Wash BottlesNatural or Colored CapsLow-density polyethylene wash bottles with different colors of polypropylene closures.Quick, at-a-glance identification of contentsChoose from natural, red, yellow, blue or green closures*Bulk quantities available by special order..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_NeedleSpray
Needle Spray Narrow-Mouth Wash BottlesFor an extra fine needle point spray, use these easy-to-squeeze wash bottles.Low density polyethylene bottle; polypropylene capCan be labeled using Bel-Art Tech Pen (Part Number:     F13384-0001)..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_Red
Red Wash BottlesHigh Visibility, Red Color Alerts User of HazardThe bright red color of these wash bottles helps identify hazardous contents.High visibility red color alerts user of hazardAvailable with narrow- and wide-mouth openingLow-density polyethylene bottles with polypropylene closure..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: F11620-0050
Polypropylene Trigger Sprayers with 53mm AdaptersTrigger sprayers with adapters fit any Scienceware® bottle with an easy to fill, 53mm wide closure and offer convenient, adjustable spray dispensing of a wide range of chemicals including bleach, ethanol, machine oil and water. Simple to install spray..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: F11618-1016
Volume Labeled Narrow-Mouth Polyethylene Wash Bottles500ml, Polypropylene Cap, 28mm Closure (Pack of 12)Large Print Volume IndicatorLow-density polyethylene wash bottle is labeled in highly visible charactersIncludes approximate volume graduations (50ml to 450ml in 50ml increments)Fill to textured l..
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