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Brand: Bel-Art Model: PCR_Racks-81-well_MCT
80-Well Reversible PCR and Microcentrifuge Tube RacksDouble-sided StoragePerfect for benchtop use or freezer storage, these compact, double-sided polypropylene racks accommodate 0.2ml thin-walled PCR tubes on one side while the opposite side holds 1.5ml to 2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes. 80 wells on ea..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Freezer_Box_81and100place
81-place Polypropylene Freezer Storage BoxesDurable to Withstand Moisture and Heavy UsePolypropylene storage boxes provide compact storage and keep cryo vials organized on the bench, in the freezer, or during transport. Unlike cardboard models these sturdy boxes are autoclavable and will not break d..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: ColonyCounterSystem
Colony Counter SystemAll You Need for Precise Colony CountingA complete, effective and accurate way to count colonies of bacteria or other microorganisms grown on an agar plate.Provides equipment for proper lighting, magnification and tracking of coloniesIncludes Hand-Held Colony Counter (F37862-000..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Label_Cryogenic
Cryogenic Storage LabelsLabels that Stand Up to Extreme Cold, Even Liquid NitrogenThe strong, permanent adhesive on these labels withstands cold storage temperatures and maintains adhesion to glass, plastic, cardboard and more, even in liquid nitrogen.Organize and label samples for short or long-ter..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Racks-Magnetic_Bead
Magnetic Bead Separation RacksRemovable Sleeves for More Efficient Liquid TransferFor all of your magnetic separation experiments, these powerful racks sequester magnetic beads so that affinity ligands (antibodies, streptavidin or proprietary reagents for coupling nucleic acids) or rinse solutions c..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Freezer_Racks_Modular
Modular Ultra-Low 5 Box Freezer RacksYour Freezer, Racked Your WayEasily configured to customize freezer space, these modular ultra low freezer racks link together side-by-side or can be securely stacked for horizontal and / or vertical storage.Purchase as many or as few as is needed for your specif..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Freezer_Box_144place
PCR Tube Freezer Storage Box, 144-placeDurable and Moisture ResistantDesigned to fit in a standard 2” freezer rack, this 144-place PCR Tube Freezer Box will hold individual and/or strip 0.2ml PCR tubes.Designed for ULT freezer storage at temperatures down to -86°CDurable and impervious to moistureCl..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Freezer_Box_Polypropylene
Polypropylene Freezer BoxesHold Up to Demanding TemperaturesPlastic freezer storage boxes are available in two sizes and hold either 1.5 to 2ml micro tubes / cryo vials (81-place box) or 5ml conical centrifuge tubes, including Eppendorf* brand (25-place box).81-place micro tube / cryo vial box fits ..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Freezer_Box_PopUp
Pop Up 5cm Polypropylene Freezer BoxShips Flat, Stores FlatSave significant storage space and shipping costs. Shipped flat and easy to assemble, Pop Up 5cm Freezer Boxes are made of polypropylene, and are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of a low temperature environment (-86°C).Fit into standar..
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