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12 May Spin And Stir!
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A magnetic stirrer is a laboratory device that employs a rotating magnetic field to cause a stir bar immersed in a liquid to spin very quickly, this stirring it. The stir bar's motion is driven by rotating magnet or assembly of electromagnets in the ..
05 May Don't Mess Up Your Samples!
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How can you distinguish different samples when they were put in the same looking peri dishes, test tubes or centrifuge tubes?  Bel-Art offers a series of pens and markers help you writing in glass, metal, ceramics, plastics, paper and more!TECH PensH..
28 Apr Work on the Benchtop, Float in the Water Bath!
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The floating tube rack is open style floating rack provides tubes with maximum contact with the water and better circulation of the water bath around the tubes, allowing superior temperature control of samples. Tubes are held tightly in rack to assur..
21 Apr Complete Safety in Specimen Shipment
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Labcon SuperClear® Sample Collection and Transport TubesOur leakproof freestanding sample collection and transport tubes with screw caps feature graduations at 1mL increments and a large frosted writing surface for convenient labeling and identificat..
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Centrifuge is a device being used in laboratory to separate various components of a fluid using centrifugal force. It can separate contaminants from the main body of fluid. It separate the fluids of different densities or liquid from solids by spinni..
07 Apr From Mortar And Pestle To Modern Homogenizer
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The mortar and pestle is a standard tool as homogenizer in laboratories which already used for thousands of years. Modern solutions are based on blender type instruments, such as bead mills, ultrasonic treatment, rotor-stator mechanical, high pressur..
31 Mar Maximize Your Space in the Laboratory or Classroom!
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Some electronics and chemical samples or reactants may react to moisture and causing damages on them. A desiccator is used to prevent moisture from damaging these moisture sensitive samples.A desiccator is an airtight container. It is designed to abs..
24 Mar Go With The FLOW - Smart, Effective , Innovative!
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Collecting the desired cell sample from a cell culture is the very first step of studying and experimenting the cells. Dissociation is a necessary technique to target and isolate the interested cells. It sometimes called disaggregation which breaking..
17 Mar Submersible! Stackable! Autoclavable! A great alternative to wire racks!
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Test tube racks are used to hold upright multiple test tubes at the same time in laboratory. They are most commonly used when various different solutions are needed to work with simultaneously. The test tube racks are also provide protective storage ..
10 Mar Important element of the COVID-19 PCR Test
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Effectively testing for virus has become crucial since the cases of COVID-19 pandemic increasing every day. The sample and all the testing equipment should not be contaminated by the virus to make sure the testing result is in highly accuracy. Theref..
02 Mar Usage of nitrogen gas in laboratories
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Nitrogen is an inert gas which is not very reactive with other elements and chemicals. Nitrogen is accounting for around 78% of the earth’s atmosphere which is highly abundant. Nitrogen gas has been used in laboratory analysis for example supply an L..
23 Feb How do we get clean hydrogen gas and why we need it?
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Energy along with carbon dioxide are produced when natural gas is burnt and those unwanted carbon dioxide lead to the climate change after released into the atmosphere. Hydrogen is a better and ‘cleaner’ option of providing energy since water vapor i..
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