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23 Mar The Ultimate Solution for Labelling in Laboratory: Write-on Label Tape & Bel-Art Pens / Markers Combo
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Loss of Samples because of fallen labeling, diffuse ink writing during cold storage or on wet surfaces or after sterilizing?Labeling is essential for laboratory keeping track of samples and materials, and it is important to keep labels legible and ea..
23 Feb Easier Sampling process with SUS (single-use-system) tools
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Sampling operation is the first step in the entire laboratory testing process, and it is also an important part of the quality control process and should be guaranteed first.If the sample is not representative, its analysis results cannot draw accura..
09 Feb The correct approach of waste disposal in laboratory
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During the experiment, researchers will encounter exposure to laboratory dangerous goods. In addition to paying attention to the use of dangerous goods during operation, the proper collection and disposal of laboratory hazardous waste after use canno..
29 Sep Stay Dry with Desiccants!
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Stay dry with desiccants. Pull away moisture with cartridges, canisters and bags that are easy to monitor and simple to replace.Please click here for more details. ..
15 Sep Monitor temperatures in extreme conditions!
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Please click here for more details...
01 Sep The devil is in the details!
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Pickering Laboratories put the required effort into creating a familiy of testing solutions which mimic true-to-life substances, from sweat and ear-wax to ocean water.So whether you are testing the effects of perspiration on first responder's gear or..
18 Aug Rapid Bacteria Detection Results Gained
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Handheld Bacteria and Biofilm Detection system - Bactiscan™Nowadays, people use ATP tests for measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. Although this process is good, it is not fool proof due to th..
11 Aug The ideal overhead stirrer for stirring and mixing in lab - INNOTEG Overhead Stirrer Tor M20A and Tor M80A
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INNOTEG Space-saving Stirring - Overhead Stirrer, Tor M20 A and Tor M80 AThe space-saving higher performers with perfect basic functionalities, compact design and easy-to-use. Compact DesignThe reduced design and focus on the most essential aspects m..
04 Aug Most Flexible Rack Ever!
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Looking for efficiency in your lab tools? CCheck out the versatility of SP Bel-Art Switch-Grid™ Test Tube Racks now.Click here for more product information...
28 Jul Your Safety Integrated Magnetic Stirrer - INNOTEG MR 5 Magnetic Stirrer
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The MR series magnetic stirrer is suitable for liquid or solid-liquid mixture. It can be stirred or heated/stirrer at the same time to provide strong mixing and precise temperature control. AdvantagesThe heating plate is made of aluminium alloy with ..
21 Jul Crystallization Studies For Polymorph Screening
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The new SP Genevac EZ-2 4.0 parallel evaporator is equipped with EXALT technology, which enables users to screen a wide range of solvents and solvent mixes simultaneously over a defined time. This controlled evaporation method eliminates any variable..
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