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Lamps & Detector Supplies

Brand: Agilent Model: 2140-0590
Agilent Deuterium DAD lampFor Agilent G1315A/B and G1365A/B diode array detectors..
Brand: Agilent Model: 5182-1530
Agilent Deuterium DAD lamp, long-lifeFor Agilent 1100/1200 Diode Array Detector..
Brand: Agilent Model: 2140-0813
Agilent Deuterium DAD/MWD lamp, long-lifeFor Agilent G1315C/D, G1365C/D, G7115A and G7165A detectors..
Brand: Agilent Model: G1314-60100
Agilent Deuterium VWD lamp, long-lifeFor Agilent variable wavelength detectors G1314A/B/C and in 1120 and 1220 Infinity LC systems...
Brand: Agilent Model: 5190-0917
Agilent InfinityLab long-life Deuterium DAD lamp, 8 pin, with RFID tagFor diode array detectors with Max-Light cartridge cell (G4212A/B, G7117A/B/C) and G7100 CE..
Brand: Agilent Model: 2140-0820
Agilent InfinityLab long-life Deuterium DAD/MWD lamp, with RFID tagFor Agilent diode array detectors with standard flow cell (G1315C/D, DAD of 1220 LC, G7115A) and multiple wavelength detectors (G1365C/D, G7165A)..
Brand: Agilent Model: 2140-0600
Agilent Xenon FLD flash lamp for Agilent G1321A/B/C & G7121A/B fluorescence detector..
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