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Agilent Technologies

At a Glance

Agilent is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied markets, recognised for uncompromising integrity in all we do. Our mission is to advance quality of life by focusing our expertise in six key markets. With a team of approximately 16,300 employees spread across the world, our global footprint includes sales offices, logistics centres, and business facility in three major geographies. Our worldwide capabilities enable us to deliver high-quality solutions to our valued customers in 110 countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Working together as One Agilent, we are fulfilling our mission: to deliver trusted answers and insights that advance the quality of life... At Agilent, we have always believed in the power of collaboration - working together to innovate and achieve the best results. We've also learned that when we transfer this approach to working externally - joining forces with customers, suppliers, educational institutions, nonprofits, even similar businesses - our learnings and results are greater than ever. Let's remember these lessons as we consider the massive sustainability issues our world is facing. As individuals and as businesses, we must choose wisely. Together, we are powerful.