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Brand: Tegent Model: Annual Service Contract
Annual Service Contract for Your InstrumentService Contracts provide you with tailor-made service packages. All system maintenance activities will be carefully planned and monitored. Customer benefits better budget control, priority treatment via our support hotline and prompt on-site service.F..
Brand: Tegent Model: Instrument Relocation
Labour Charge for Instrument RelocationIf you are planning a instrument move or relocation, our service will assist you for every aspect of the equipment move. When our team handle the move, we guarantee that the instrument will be moved with care and hassle free, and we assure you that same pe..
Brand: Tegent Model: Onsite Inspection
Labour Charge for Inspection and Repair Service (Service parts and consumables are not included)When an equipment breaks down or has some problems in operation, and a inspection/repair service is required, we offer the on-site inspection service to help get your lab up and working again.- ..
Brand: Tegent Model: Preventive Maintenance
Charge for Preventive Maintenance(Service parts and consumables are not covered)Prior to system degradation or failure, our experienced service engineers conduct a series of systematic inspections, diagnostics, verification and reconditions activities on a regularly scheduled basis.This service aims..
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