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Tenute Sajni Fasanotti Red Wine - Podere Casette
New RP 3,850
Brand: Tenute-Sajni-Fasanotti_Redeem Model: TSF-002
Tenute Sajni FasanottiRed Wine - Podere CasetteSparkling in its classic ruby-purple robe, its sincere elegance is immediate and involving, with its fragrances of red summer fruit, blackcurrant and blackberry. Unmistakable touches of violets. On tasting, its aromatic character appears alongside its s..
Tenute Sajni Fasanotti Rosé Wine - Crescendo
New RP 3,850
Brand: Tenute-Sajni-Fasanotti_Redeem Model: TSF-001
Tenute Sajni FasanottiRosé Wine - CrescendoA wine made from the Pinot grigio variety with characteristic copper gleams that stem from its careful vinification. The smell and the taste recall Mediterranean citrus fruit, as well as cherries and the crunchy little strawberries that one finds in t..
Tenute Sajni Fasanotti Sparkling Wine - Primo Dominie
New RP 4,400
Brand: Tenute-Sajni-Fasanotti_Redeem Model: TSF-003
Tenute Sajni FasanottiSparkling Wine - Primo DominieWith its golden glints, it surprises by its peppery, buttery bursts, and its rich warm floral notes. It becomes serious and intense on the palate with an attractive taste. Notes of wheat and candied fruit (citron). From its true complexity, it evol..
Tenute Sajni Fasanotti White Wine - Conte Alessandro
New RP 4,800
Brand: Tenute-Sajni-Fasanotti_Redeem Model: TSF-004
Tenute Sajni FasanottiWhite Wine - Conte AlessandroA white wine, combining to perfection the character of the two grape-vines, Rhine Riesling and Pinot Blanc, that have given rise to this new variety; it fills your wine-glass with delicacy and elegance. Greenish-gold glints, a citrus bouquet with to..
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