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Chillers & Circulators

INNOTEG TCS-2 Cooling and Heating Circulator
Brand: INNOTEG Model: TCS002
TCS-2 Cooling and Heating CirculatorTemperature Range: -20-100 ℃, 10LINNOTEG TCS-2 Cooling & Heating Circulator is widely used in bio-engineering, medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, chemical analysis, petroleum and other fields. It provides a precise source of temperature control for..
INNOTEG TCS-3 Cooling Circulator
Brand: INNOTEG Model: TCS003
TCS-3 Cooling CirculatorTemperature Range: -20 ~ RT ℃, 5LGood Performance & Cost Saving The TCS-3 laboratory refrigeration circulator is the basic constant temperature equipment of the laboratory, which provides the laboratory with an economical and environmentally friendly small coole..
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