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Dry Ice Makers

Brand: Bel-Art Model: F38886-0001
Extra Bags, Pack of 3For Frigimat® Junior Dry Ice Maker (F38886-0002)Dry ice flakes are useful for packing around irregularly shaped items and are easily produced as needed with the Frigimat® Junior Dry Ice Maker. When the cylinder valve is opened about ¾ turn, LCO2 expands into the bag to..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: F38874-0000
Frigimat Cub - Dry Ice Maker5⅝ x 7⅝ x 6½ in.Easy to set up and use, this compact device saves the time and expense of receiving a dry ice delivery. Can be attached to a liquid CO2 cylinder (not included) equipped with a dip tube to produce a ready-to-use 250 to 350 gram block of dry ice in only a fe..
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