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Heidolph Promax 2020
Brand: Heidolph Model: 542-20020-00
The Promax 2020 is a large model and accepts a load capacity of 10 kg for high sample throughput.Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the digital display from 20 to 400 rpm – ideal for separations..
HK$13,035.0 HK$16,759.0
Ex Tax:HK$13,035.0
Heidolph Reax top shaker
Brand: Heidolph Model: 541-10000-00
Standard vibrating model with fast and dependable mixing results due to high vibration frequency rates up to 2,500 rpm.Plate for 20-mm diameter test tubes is included as a standard. Test tube tray for flasks up to 50-mm diameter is optionally available in the accessory section..
HK$1,600.0 HK$1,995.0
Ex Tax:HK$1,600.0
Heidolph Vibramax 100
Brand: Heidolph Model: 544-21200-00
Vibramax 100 is a vibrating platform shaker which is a compact and space saving unit with a load capacity of 2 kg.Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob from 150 to 1,350 rpm..
HK$5,200.0 HK$7,053.0
Ex Tax:HK$5,200.0
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