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Bel-Art Flowmi 40 Micron Cell Strainers for 1000 Microliter Pipette Tips (Pack of 50) Bel-Art Flowmi 40 Micron Cell Strainers for 1000 Microliter Pipette Tips (Pack of 50)
Brand: Bel-Art Model: H13680-0040
Scienceware® Flowmi™ Cell Strainers provide fast and efficient filtering of small volume samples (up to 1000µl) prior to FLOW or FACS analysis. Patent pending. • Preserves volume when filtering small sample volumes • Removes cell aggregates and creates uniform single cell suspensions • Decreases the..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_2SLWM
2-Color Wash Bottles (Safety-Labeled & Wide-Mouth)Informative Labeling! Available in 16oz or 32oz!Bel-Art’s Safety Labeled wash bottles include Department of Transportation (DOT) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and symbols, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, protective..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_2SVSLWM
2-Color Wash Bottles (Safety-Vented, Safety-Labeled & Wide-Mouth)Wide-Mouth; Eliminates Dangerous DripsA unique, 2-piece valve prevents pressure build-up of solvents within these Right-to-Know Safety-Labeled Wash Bottles. Volatiles are vented eliminating solvent drips. They are pre-printed with ..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_4RtKSLWM
4 Color Wash Bottles (Right-to-Know, Safety-Labeled & Wide Mouth)Right-to-Know Safety-Labeled Wash Bottles feature a wide mouth 53mm (2") for easy refilling. Bottles are pre-printed with the Chemical name and formula, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Section 704 Four-color Diamond..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: WashBottle_4RtKSVSLWM
4 Color Wash Bottles (Right-to-Know, Safety-Vented, Safety-Labeled & Wide Mouth)A unique valve prevents pressure build-up eliminating potentially dangerous chemical drips. They are pre-printed with the Chemical name and formula, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Section 704 Four-co..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: PCR_Racks-81-well_MCT
80-Well Reversible PCR and Microcentrifuge Tube RacksDouble-sided StoragePerfect for benchtop use or freezer storage, these compact, double-sided polypropylene racks accommodate 0.2ml thin-walled PCR tubes on one side while the opposite side holds 1.5ml to 2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes. 80 wells on ea..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Freezer_Box_81and100place
81-place Polypropylene Freezer Storage BoxesDurable to Withstand Moisture and Heavy UsePolypropylene storage boxes provide compact storage and keep cryo vials organized on the bench, in the freezer, or during transport. Unlike cardboard models these sturdy boxes are autoclavable and will not break d..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: PCR_Racks_96-Well
96-Well PCR RacksCompact PCR Tube Storage and ProtectionDesigned for preparing and storing 0.2ml thin-walled PCR tubes and strip tubes before or after PCR sample processing applications. Compact polypropylene rack has 96 wells that keep tubes securely upright in an 8 x 12 array. Rack has an alphanum..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: BagHolder_Poxygrid
Bel-Art Bag Holders - PoxygridHolds Bags in Place and Provides a Large Opening for WasteSturdy wire holder keeps bags open while a separate hooked ring that rests over the top keeps them securely in placeBright biohazard orange colored epoxy-coated steel wireChemical and corrosion-resistant; unaffec..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: BagHolder_Clavies
Biohazard Bag Holders - Clavies®Keep Bags Open for Easy AccessKeep bags open and securely supported on these economical, lightweight, stainless steel wire frames. Polypropylene bottom serves as a containment tray in the event of bag leakage and is safety orange in color for easy identification ..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: BiohazardBag_Clear
Biohazard Disposal Bags – ClearLow Cost, With Biohazard Warining Label and Sterilization Indicator PatchGreat economical solution for safe disposal of used pipettes, Petri dishes, multi-well cell culture plates, cell culture flasks, culture plates, membrane filters and other biohazard wastes.Tr..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: BiohazardBag_Red
Biohazard Disposal Bags – RedSterilization Safety FeatureBright red polypropylene bags include black biohazard symbol and precautionary procedures printed in four languages (English, Spanish, French, German) for added safety.Sterilization patch darkens when subjected to steam sterilizationHigh tempe..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: BiohazardBag_SuperStrength
Biohazard Disposal Bags - Super StrengthExtra Thick, Extra Strong High Temperature Bags Reduce Autoclave TimeProtect against dangerous tears and leaks with extra strong, high impact polypropylene biohazard disposal bags.Red bags printed with standard biohazard warning symbol and precautionary proced..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: ColonyCounterSystem
Colony Counter SystemAll You Need for Precise Colony CountingA complete, effective and accurate way to count colonies of bacteria or other microorganisms grown on an agar plate.Provides equipment for proper lighting, magnification and tracking of coloniesIncludes Hand-Held Colony Counter (F37862-000..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Label_Cryogenic
Cryogenic Storage LabelsLabels that Stand Up to Extreme Cold, Even Liquid NitrogenThe strong, permanent adhesive on these labels withstands cold storage temperatures and maintains adhesion to glass, plastic, cardboard and more, even in liquid nitrogen.Organize and label samples for short or long-ter..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Disposal_Cartons_Glass
Disposal Cartons for GlassSafe Disposal for Lab GlasswareSturdy corrugated cardboard receptacle is supplied with a 2 mil thick, clear polyethylene bag to contain broken glass fragments and spilled liquids. When the box is full, lift the flap opening to a closed position and the entire unit is ready ..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Thermometer_ASTM_Liquid-in-Glass
Bel-Art DURAC® Plus™ Individually Calibrated ASTM Liquid-In-Glass ThermometersConform to ASTM Standards Without Dangerous Mercury!Mercury Free, these calibrated thermometers conform to ASTM standards for methods specified in the order table.Individually calibrated at specified points and supplied wi..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Stick_EarthFriendly_1001
Earth-Friendly 1001 SticksAn Indispensable Tool with No End to Its UsesLessen environmental impact with these PLA (polylactic acid) resin sampling sticks. The production of 100% plant-based PLA contributes less greenhouse gasses and uses less nonrenewable energy from source to resin than its petrole..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Thermometer_EnviroSafe
Enviro-Safe® Individually Calibrated Environmental Friendly Liquid-in-glass Laboratory ThermometersIndividual Calibration Report as Needed for Many Standard Operating ProceduresThese calibrated thermometers are EnviroKleen™ certified and feature green, non-toxic, biodegradable, Enviro-Safe® liquid a..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: PipetPump_FastRelease
Fast Release Pipette Pump II PipettorsFeatures Rapid Release Valve for Quick DispensingThese pipette pumps feature a rapid release valve for quick dispensing. Rotate the knurled thumb wheel to aspirate liquid to the desired volumeApply light pressure to the fast release lever to rapidly dispens..
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