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Injoy Health 突破表現一日體驗套裝 (2粒) x 5包 Injoy Health 突破表現一日體驗套裝 (2粒) x 5包
RP 3,000
Brand: INJOY Health_Redeem Model: C-RG-0004
Peak performance today. Activating brain power instantly, A new mental experience.Speeds up neurotransmission to empower brain functions Maintain calm and focus to support stress managementEnhances memory and cognitive power to improve learning speed and capability Escalate and maintain mental ene..
Injoy Health 筋健絡 (40粒) x 1盒 Injoy Health 筋健絡 (40粒) x 1盒
RP 2,300
Brand: INJOY Health_Redeem Model: C-RG-0005
Speedy and effective recovery from joint & tendon problems caused by inflammation, injury or aging.Phytocomplex formula (Oxicyan+ MSM + Boswllia + Tansy) – premium blend of natural herbs provide strong anti-inflammation. Phytonutrients including glucosamine, condroithine, vitamins C, D3 & K..
Injoy Health 護胃清便攜裝 (2粒) x 5包 Injoy Health 護胃清便攜裝 (2粒) x 5包
RP 2,800
Brand: INJOY Health_Redeem Model: C-RG-0007
Restore stomach health using natural and patent ingredientsEliminate harmful bacteria and prevent adhesion of bacteria such as H. pylori and E. Coli on stomach wall Ease stomachache, bloating and other stomach problemsStomach muscle relaxation, effectively remove stomach gasStrengthen gut immun..
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