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Bel-Art 96-Well PCR Racks

Bel-Art 96-Well PCR Racks
Bel-Art 96-Well PCR Racks

96-Well PCR Racks

Compact PCR Tube Storage and Protection

Designed for preparing and storing 0.2ml thin-walled PCR tubes and strip tubes before or after PCR sample processing applications. Compact polypropylene rack has 96 wells that keep tubes securely upright in an 8 x 12 array. Rack has an alphanumeric grid to assist in easy sample identification.

  • Includes translucent polypropylene cover to protect samples and allows viewing without removal
  • Five rack colors assist in sample organization and quick visual identification
  • Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F)
  • Overall dimensions: 12.7 x 8.9 x 3.4cmH (5 x 3½ x 1⅜”)
Catalog No.:DescriptionQuantity / Pack
F18902-0001Fluorescent Blue 
F18902-0002Fluorescent Green 
F18902-0003Fluorescent Pink 
F18902-0004Fluorescent Yellow 
F18902-00051 each, Assorted Fluorescent Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange 
F18902-0006Fluorescent Orange 5

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