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Lovibond PFX950/P High Precision Spectrophotometric Colorimeter

Lovibond PFX950/P High Precision Spectrophotometric Colorimeter
Lovibond PFX950/P High Precision Spectrophotometric Colorimeter

Spectrophotometric Colorimeters provide objective color analysis of oils, chemicals, fuels and other transparent products. The accuracy and repeatability of the color data provided by PFX 950 series ensures consistent color measurement, providing users with the information required to make important decisions regarding raw materials and refining operations. Each instrument offers rugged construction with fabricated steel housings and perform equally well as QC instruments in the laboratory or as production instruments in 24-hour operation.

Model PFX 950 includes the core color scales that are accepted internationally for analysis of oils and oil derivatives: Lovibond Color, AOCS-Tintometer Color and Gardner Color. Model PFX 950/P Petrochemical Tintometer conforms to the requirements of ASTM D6045 (Automatic Determination of Saybolt and ASTM Color of Petroleum Products), as well as measuring the Platinum-Cobalt/APHA Color of Oil Derivatives and Petrochemicals.

• Automatic and non-subjective color measurement   
• Consistent data compliant with international standards
• Very rugged, chemically resistant, steel construction
• Easy maintenance with removable sample chamber
• Ability to handle hot samples with high melting points
• Extensive and flexible choice of color scales
• Conformance standard, cells and spare bulb included
• Output conforming to GLP including date, time, sample & user ID
• Accommodates a wide range of sample cells and tubes
• 153mm (6″) sample chamber guarantees compliance with AOCS, ISO and ASTM standards

Colour Scales Saybolt Colour, ASTM Color, Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Colour, CIE Values, Spectral Data
Measuing Principle 16 interference filters
Path Length 6 inch

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