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Fluitec Antioxidant Monitoring RULER View

Fluitec Antioxidant Monitoring RULER View
Fluitec Antioxidant Monitoring RULER View
The RULER View provides the full picture of a fluid’s antioxidant additive health – it’s a window into the health of your lubricant. This technology is a critical part of an effective condition monitoring program.

• Microphone allows you to dictate relevant sample data rather than having to type it in
• Built-in 5 megapixel camera can take a picture of your MPC patch (Membrane Patch Colorimetry, ASTM D7843) for measuring varnish potential
• Built-in report template also provides space for integration of the MPC patch picture and comments
• All of this elegance and durability, yet it weighs less than 3lbs
• Lightning fast, Windows 7 OS driven by the brand new Intel® Atom™ E660T processor
• USB 2.0 port, ZigBee® wireless and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the RULER View™ to a wide range of peripherals such as printers, memory sticks or a mouse
• Integrated RDMS 3.0 software that allows you to do all of the analysis and reporting directly on the RULER™ Tablet
• WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n allows internet accessibility with the capability of downloading software updates and other technical support
Display Sunight viewable hardened touchscreen
Core System Windows® Embedded Standard 7
Sensor 1 Light sensor for auto backlight adjustment
Sensor 2 Position sensor for screen orientation
Spectral range ASTM D7590, D6971, D6810, D7527
Certification MIL-STD-810D, IP-67

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