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07 Apr Microplastics contamination in oceans and waterways
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Microplastics contamination in oceans and waterways An emerging environmental concern especially for ocean/aquatic life is microplastics pollution. With research continuing to increase to assess the potential harmful affects to aquatic life and the f..
04 Mar Evaporative Sample Preparation for Mass Spectrometry
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Genevac centrifugal evaporators have become sample preparation tools of choice for laboratories that seek to analyse complex samples using hyphenated mass spectrometry [MS] techniques.Many laboratories still rely upon the use of a rotary or nitrogen ..
01 Feb Drug Discovery Workflow for PROTAC with a Focus on Eliminating Bottlenecks In Evaporation
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An emerging modality of therapeutics called PROteolysis TArgeting Chimeras (PROTACs) could enable the design of new drugs targeting “undruggable” proteins, which make up to 85% of the proteome. Their novel mode of action allows them to hijack a cells..
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