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INNOTEG Magnetic Stirrer, MR 5

INNOTEG Magnetic Stirrer, MR 5
INNOTEG Magnetic Stirrer, MR 5

Magnetic Stirrer, Model: MR 5

Temperature Range: RT to + 310 ° C, 850W

The MR series magnetic stirrer is suitable for liquid or solid-liquid mixture. It can be stirred or heated/stirred at the same time to provide strong mixing and precise temperature control.

Our MR 5 with 850 W offers significantly more power making it and ideal device for demanding stirring tasks up to 20L.


  • The heating plate is made of aluminium allow with ceramic coating which combines chemical resistance and excellent heat conduction and distribution
  • Real-time measurement of viscosity trends, east to observe the experimental progress
  • Stirring direction clockwise / counter-clockwise alternatively, especially for crystallization experiment
  • Intermittent operation mode can be set to satisfied the special mixing requirements
  • Heating temperature range: RT to + 310 ° C
  • Heating power: 850 W
  • Rotation speed:50-1500 rpm
Specification of Magnetic Stirrer
Temperature Range RT to + 310℃
Heating Plate Size 137 x 137 mm
Rotation Speed 50 - 1500 rpm
Power 850 W

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